Craftsmanship Operating Procedures

Establish Craftsman Level Processes

Setting The Standard For Craftsmanship

We have developed our Craftsmanship Operating Procedures to make the painting industry transparent to both painting contractors and consumers. PCA Members be sure to login to your account for special pricing!

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Craftsman Operating Procedures (COPs)

Through the auspices of the PCA Craftsmanship Forum, PCA now offers Craftsmanship Operating Procedures (COPS) – English & Spanish.

COPS are designed to assist contractor/owners with their need for a uniform quality assurance program, documentation of the means and methods to conduct work, and employee training. The COPS are not designed to teach people how to paint. Instead, COPS enable the contractor to guide employees on the expectations, procedures, and outcomes for all paintwork.

The COPS also serve as baseline for proper application of paint on surfaces in a safe, craftsmanship fashion. Using the COPS, contractors can easily define how work will be completed by all employees. This approach creates continuity, consistency from job to job, and helps establish an image for the company work as defined by the owner.

Each COP is completely customizable. In other words, a contractor can adjust any aspect of the COP to fit company culture, employee skill level(s), and desired techniques (means and methods) of work performance within the company.

When COPS are taken as a “whole,” they become the “persona” for the work of the company. Individually, COPS are instructional guides for employees.

COPS are the work product of the PCA Craftsmanship Forum.

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