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Craftsmanship Forum

Craftsman Painters Enjoy A Higher Quality Of Life

Painting is most stressful when you don’t have the skills and knowledge to take your quality to the next level of mastery.

Restoring The Hand Of The Artisan

Finding young workers who care about the craft of painting is incredibly difficult. The Craftsmanship Forum is on a mission to define the skill standard for a craftsman painter and provide advanced coatings knowledge to help restore the hand of the artisan in professional painting.

The Daily Actions Of A Craftsman

  • Follow Crafstmanship Operating Procedures
  • Serve The Patron
  • Be A Student Of The Craft

Traits Of A True Craftsman

  • Personal Accountability
  • Self-Disciplined
  • Customer Focused

For The Future Of The Trade

Recognizing the need to raise the quality standards in the painting and decorating industry, yet feeling alone in this pursuit, a small group of craftsman painters got together to share trade secreats and find community. As a result, the Craftsmanship Forum was born bringing together the worlds finest to help build each other and train the next generation of Master Painters. Through regular get togethers and annual conferences the PCA Craftsmanship Forum is taking our centuries-old craft and paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Our Team


President: Don Easton, Easton Painting, Inc.

Vice-President: Steve Adickes, Adix Painting, Inc.

Secretary: Charlie Gilley, Restoration Painting

Treasurer: Ken Sisco, Ken Sisco Painting, Inc.

Past President: Rich O’Neil, Masterwork Painting, Inc.

Executive Director: Judi Ricci, BT Builders, Inc.


COPs: Developing Craftsmanship Operating Procedures (COPs) for all aspects of Residential Painting.

    • Chair: Richard O’Neil

Programming: Developing programming for EXPO & the Annual Craftsmanship Conference

    • Co-Chairs: Don Easton, Judi Ricci, Ken Sisco, Tony Severino

Newsletter & Website Team: 

    • Don Easton, Editor
    • Judi Ricci, Publisher
    • Kelly O’Brien, Designer (Kelly Eileen Designs)

Developing “Fundamentals in Painting” committee:

    • Chair: Charles Gilley
    • Co Chair: Rich O’Neil

Hiring Committee: How to hire, Develop and Retain Craftsman. This group defines the traits, skills, attributes, and personalities that make up a great craftsman.

    • Chair – John Bubenik

Tools & Work Products

    • Chair – Don Easton

What Does Membership Cost?


Dues are $100 to join or renew membership.